The Solar Room® when mounted on the south, southeast, or southwest sides of a home, is a solar collector in addition to being a greenhouse. It is a gold anodized extruded aluminum frame which bolts together erector set fashion. It is then bolted to a wood beam or cement foundation and the wall of the house. The frame is covered with a Twin Skin™ glazing made of a double layer of special 6 mil ultraviolet resistant polyethylene developed for the commercial greenhouse industry. The layers are separated by air inflation supplied by a 36 watt blower. The Twin Skin™ is sealed around the perimeter of the "solar greenhouse" and locked into position by a patented locking gasket system. In the Summer, the Solar Room® can be easily converted to a screen porch with the removal of the Twin Skin™ cover and the installation of the optional screen/awning (an operation which generally takes one or two hours).