Owner Testimonials


I thought I would let you know how I like your Solar Room. There is but one word to describe it– Fantastic. …We have cut our gas consumption by approximately 38%... We enjoy it in the summer as we put up the screen awning and spend most of our evenings there… as it’s a lot cooler than the house.

Bud Hedges—Reynoldsburg, Ohio

Dear people,

…In comparing my fuel bills from last year, I have frankly been very impressed. I wasn’t sure our fairly modest 18 foot long unit would give us appreciable savings. Even on completely overcast days the solar room reaches 76°... I was concerned about the Solar Room’s ability to withstand the notoriously high winds we get here on the Eastern slope of the Rockies. You may have read about the winds we had the first of the year, and they were as strong as I’ve ever experienced. I went into the Solar Room many times to see how it was faring, and the “twin skin” was not moving at all.

  1. E. Sidebottom – Denver Colorado

Dear Sirs,

We are pleased by the results in heat conservation attained through the use of the Solar Room… In January we had a big snowstorm, which you may have heard about. It was reported as the biggest blizzard in 50 years, the Solar Room shed it all off… The equipment does what you claimed for it. I will say that your claims are not exaggerated.

Arthur H. Hey – Cape Cod, Massachusetts


My first year’s experience with one of your Solar Rooms has been excellent. I purchased the unit because I was interested in making a start in using solar energy, and it seemed to me that your product is a good introduction to the subject. My room went together easily: the job was single-handed except for about two hours help from a friend… I am enclosing pictures of the room after a snow storm, with the inside temperatures of around 90° early in the day. This is satisfying to observe!

Kittredge A. Wing – Santa Fe, New Mexico

Dear Sirs:

We started our second winter with our Solar Room and it has performed beyond our expectations… Before the Solar Room we used 36 ft.³ of gas to provide 1° of heat. With the Solar Room, we used 22 ft.³. We saved over 33%!... You really designed the system well.

Donald and Marilou Eldred – St. Paul, Minnesota

To Solar Room Co.:

As the weather turns cooler here in North Carolina, we are about to begin our sixth year with our solar room… a solar room benefit that we did not even anticipate, is the additional play area it has provided for our three young daughters. We keep sand and water there, paints and easel, playdough and just about anything that is too messy for the rest of the house… The Solar Room has been a terrific investment for us. Winters would seem very dreary and dark without our warm, sunny sanctuary.

Ginger and Dave Rutter– North Carolina

Dear Steve:

I am writing to tell you how happy we have been with our Solar Room addition… its primary function was to provide more room for a sunken hot tub… in my estimation the real beauty of the plastic “twin skin” Solar Room is that it can be replaced in the summer…with the cool screening room… we have a wonderful shaded ”air-conditioned” room all summer… I’ve enjoyed our greenhouse/solar room/spa in the summer almost as much as I did in the winter.

Mary L. Bond – Los Alamos, New Mexico


I installed my 28’ Solar Room last weekend. Overall, the installation was very easy and no problems were encountered… I was very pleased with the labeling of the parts and the packages of nuts and bolts…

Joseph R. Hatfield – Littleton Colorado

Dear Sir:

Besides the natural heat provided by the Solar Room, we enjoy the increased living area added to our house.  Our houseplants, herbs and vegetables thrive in the warmth and provide oxygen and humidity to the household air (much more pleasant side effects than the irritating dryness of most forced air heating systems). The Solar Rooms quick and simple assembly, flexibility (in terms of size and glazing removal), efficiency (as a collector), low maintenance and low cost… place the product in the category of best solar purchase!   

Mike Russell – Tucson Arizona

Dear Mr. Kenin:

We would like to let you know how much we have enjoyed the Solar Room we purchased from you in the early spring… we’ll use it also as a propagating room for our seedlings in the spring… thanks for a fine product.

Harry and Olga Chambers–El Dorado, Kansas

Dear Solar Room Company:

My husband and I are delighted with our Solar Room. When it was installed last January we only wanted it to heat our den, which was a ”chilly” room. We were surprised to discover that the Solar Room gave us heat not only for the den but for the kitchen, dining room, sewing and living rooms… besides heat, we also enjoy having an extra room added to the house… My three-year-old daughter, Jennifer, spends many hours playing in it… this Solar Room is perfect for us because the expense was not too high and we are recovering our investment in saving gas…

Janice Jacobs– Albuquerque New Mexico


Just a few lines to let you know how much we appreciate the Solar Room we purchased from you in November… we have not used our furnace, but depend on the Solar Room to warm our house. Our house is made of cement blocks and ordinarily stays cool or cold, so the heat from the Solar Room makes it quite comfortable…

Mr. and Mrs. Keith Cullumber – Lancaster, Ohio

Dear Steve,

My wife and I couldn’t be more pleased. The Solar Room has: 1) Added over 300 ft.² of living area to my home. 2) Savings on my electric bill in the first three months paid for the entire cost of the room.

  1. S. Feeny – SEARS, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Scientist Testimonials

Dear Mr. Kenin:

My two Solar Rooms exceeded all expectations. They survived 80 mile an hour winds that blew down trees on my property. Last winter my heating bills were half that anyone else in the neighborhood. Also, tomatoes from the greenhouse have become a traditional Christmas dinner.

Kelnin S. Harr
Senior Research Engineer
Solar Energy Research Institute
Golden, Colorado
(Editors note, Mr. Harr purchased his Solar Rooms)


I think of it as a collector you can live in.

Dr. Bingaman T. (Buck) Rogers
Consulting Engineer
Los Alamos National Laboratory

Dear Steve,

We see possibilities for added mutual value in coupling our capacities and those of the Solar Room Company, a recognize leading pioneer in attach solar greenhouses.

G. (Ced) Currin
Energy technology manager
Dow Corning
Midland Michigan


The Solar Room is an extremely cost-effective retrofit passive collector.

Douglas Balcomb, Director
Solar Energy Research Institute
Golden, Colorado 80401


I would like to introduce you to the SOLAR ROOM. It’s an attractive, affordable addition that will both heat and cool your home economically.

As an astronaut, I was always excited by the use of solar energy and high technology materials.

The Solar Room, a fuel saving concepts that is here to stay!

Harrison “Jack” Schmitt
Astronaut Geologist
Former US Senator

The Solar Room has proven it’s self to be one of the best buys in the “BTUs for the buck”. Literally millions of American homes could save heating dollars immediately by the installation of a Solar Room.

Stewart Brand
Biologist, author
The Next Whole Earth Catalog 1980, Page 185

Dear Steve,

I wish to extend my appreciation for your participation in the 1980 Passive and Hybrid Solar Energy Program. Your participation contributed significantly to its success. 

Michael Maybaum
Acting Deputy Director
Passive and Hybrid Division Office of Solar Applications and Buildings
Department Of Energy, Washington DC

Dear Steve,

I am impressed by the system and even more by the instructions on installation and maintenance.

David C. Moore
Program Manager
Solar Heating and Cooling Demonstration Program
Department of Housing and Urban Development, Washington, DC


"On a cost/payback basis is between 5 &10 times less expensive…"

U.S. Department Of Energy
1980 Passive & Highbred Solar Energy Program